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If you have a process in place to deal with non-contributing participants which you are happy with then fine. If you're unhappy yet not willing to change anything then I'm puzzled as to the purpose of your initial post. Telling people to expedite their printing in a public forum without naming them would appear to serve little purpose - a PM or email would work just as well.
So let's be clear. I'm one of the organizers. Yes I am jilted recipient too, but believe it or not, I don't personally care. I care about the particpants in my exchange who do not get a print and who because of their poor experience don't particpate and probably tell others not to as well. That's what I care about. It is the NUMBER 1 reason more people do not particpate in the print exchanges. (Number 2 has to do with the 'quality' of the prints they recieve, but that's another contraversy!)

So what's with all the secrecy?

Well, A while ago I asked the question what to do with all the deadbeats via a poll. It was clear that no one wanted anyone on the list to be named publically. I think I was called a Nazi in one PM or post for even asking the question. Two people dropped out of the exchanges because I had the gall to care about other particpants not getting their prints.

So I personally have been sending PMs. Many, many PMs. Lots of promises sent back and then for some, nothing, no response, nothing, no prints, but theye are active APUGers still.

This is what I have to deal with. Now if no one cares, but me, then fine, I will leave this all well alone and if you participate and don't get a print, too bad. Deal with it.

I'm just trying get ADULTS to honour their committment. If that makes me bad. So be it for now, but I'm willing to let the deadbeats off too, if that's what everyone wants.

Regards, Art.