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BTW: LOTS, LOTS, LOTS of enlarger lenses on Ebay. I have Nikkor but have heard that the Rodagon or Schnieders are better and they are both CHEAP on the net. Any thoughts?????
Depends on what your intended usage is. The Schneider Componon S and recent Rodenstocks are good lenses. The 150 mm El Nikkor that I use is sharp as a tack. The El Nikkor will pass UV much better then the Schneider and Rodenstock lenses. I have heard this from two independent sources. Apparently the El Nikkor lens incorporates a different glass and coating then the other lenses. This becomes a consideration if you decide at some point to buy the 4X5 Azo enlarger lamp that is being brought to market.

I don't have any vested financial or ego interest in making the statements above since I do own lenses from all three major mfgs.