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So let's be clear. I'm one of the organizers. Yes I am jilted recipient too, but believe it or not, I don't personally care. I care about the particpants in my exchange who do not get a print and who because of their poor experience don't particpate and probably tell others not to as well. That's what I care about.

I was not judging you - I was trying to determine the reasoning behind this thread. It sounds like you are not happy with the process currently in place in which case you, and the other print exchange coordinators, should consider changing it. The reason I suggested the poll is because it removes the coordinator from the line of fire and allows the people who are directly effected to decide the outcome. Place a reasonable deadline for this poll and any person who fails to provide prints after this time goes on 'trial'. Detailing the commitment up front would perhaps make people use more careful consideration before they put down their name yet still give them an out under exceptional circumstances. Having an expiry date on the blacklist allows for reform. As mentioned they are just some thoughts which may be helpful for future exchanges. Yes, it will be more work but it may also be fairer. For those curious I'm not on the deadbeat list.