Seems like everyone is using rangefinders with familiar brand names like Canon, Yashica, Voightlander Bessa, Zorki, just to name a few.

Well the one and only rangefinder I own right now is a Seagull 205 with a fixated 50mm lens f/2.8. It's an old camera that was manufactured in the 70s and I got it very cheap at a Chinese website. As I'm more into street photography, this rangefinder is the ideal tool for me. It doesn't make loud click sound when you press that shutter release button.

See below for the camera pic reference and some street shots I did.

There's one disadvantage of this camera - the lens coating which unlike the branded ones, doesn't last long enuff. Well it's a 2nd hand stock and upon looking closer to the lens surface under bright light, I can see the coating is "thin" like starting to wear off. Until then I might get one Bessa R2A for better performance and good image quality.