Think the light is starting to glow a little - while going over exposures of past images in my head, I realized that one reason that some of my images may not 'sing' is that the exposure is all wrong. When using filters I tend to take the light meter and hold a filter in front of it to get the exposure it all made sense until this morning when it dawned on me that the exposure I was getting would be for 18% gray..Right? I was trying to get the correct exposure using the filter, when actually the correct exposure would be the unfiltered reading + the filter factor ? Is this correct?

So if using a filter with a factor of +2 then a reading of say f/16 at 125 would need and adjustment to either f/16 at 30 or f/5.6 at 125?

Is the light coming on or is it about to go out?

Thanks in advance for the input...