My name is Mark...I've been lurking around this site for a few months and thought it was about time to get more involved. My main interest is b&w; I've done some color work but prefer the whole process of b&w. I started out doing landscapes. No, actually, I started out doing cemetary shots, as the models on the headstones were very cooperative and helped me learn the basics of lighting, etc. The landscapes partly grew out of my interest in A Adams' work. However, I found I wasn't able to duplicate that with 35 mm, so found my own niche. (I recently bought a Rollei sl66, but haven't used it much yet). I found myself attracted to more intimate 'scapes, which led to doing more indoor shots of individual flowers. Which led to discovering the earlier work of Kenro Izu, which led to doing figure studies. Which led to many "discussions" with my wife.
This is a great site, with much useful info and great work. Thank you!