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I hope to have the camera next week and I'll post photos as soon as I receive it. I used an 8x10 Sinar C, (C2?) as a base. It has a P rear standard and an F2 front and I got it VERY cheaply. Richard used a 7x17 back from one of his new cameras and a 36 inch bellows from Camera Bellows in England. I currently use a 4x5 Sinar Norma (I don't backpack) and really enjoy the precision and ease of a modular monorail. I don't think the 7x17 is going to be a problem for me to move around, but I use a Sherpa Cart to transport my LF camera gear so a little extra weight and bulk don't matter to me.

Richard Wasserman

Sounds like the perfect combination of Sinar standards. You get the rigidity and load handling ability of the P rear standard, combined with a lighter weight, but still still rigid F2 front standard.

It sounds like we headed down very similar paths. I'm having Richard make the back for my camera (but I am making the rear "box") and I plan to order my bellows from Camera Bellows. The ARCA-SWISS front bellows frame is on it's way to me from Percision Camera Works and should be here early next week. At which point, I'll ship it off to Camera Bellows to get the bellows made. I think I'll limit my bellows extension to about 28". The longest lens I current have is a 600mm Fujinon C that only needs 22.6" of extension to focus at infinity. If I ever do need to go longer, I can add an intermediate standard (which I already have) and an extension bellows (which I also already have) as well as a longer rail section (also, have). So, in my base configuration, the camera will be lightweight, compact and able to handle lenses up to 600mm. If I ever need more extension, I've already got everything I need.

I do plan to hike, and maybe even backpack, with my camera. So, a compact, lightweight configuration is a requirement for me (another reason I chose the ARCA-SWISS).