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I've not been in any print exchange so I'm not one of the "deadbeats" (But you have forced me into defending myself before I've voiced an opinion (Not Cool).
I suggest YOU know all the facts first before you post idiocy like this.
The entire issue of who's a deadbeat and who's not has absolutely no relevance to the group (except in a voyeuristic way). This is only important to the moderator(s) who should be doing the best they can to keep the Exchange going, or find someone who will. I don't appreciate your airing dirty laundry in a public forum for whatever personal purpose you have.
I'm not airing dirty laundry!?! I'm bringing up an issue that has had a negative effect on these exchanges - the NUMBER 1 reason more people do not particpate - and the issue is growing. This thread is about what to do. So far for several months, things have been done behind the scenes with little to no effect.

BTW the moderators have nothing to do with the exchanges, it's the volunteer organizers who do.
And don't give that B.S. your doing your job, you're not when you can't handle the messy parts.
You need to really KNOW what you're writing about before you make a post. I won't even correct your errors in this statement here.

Regards, Art.