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I'd also be in favor of creating a set of rules for sending poorly made prints, but that's so subjective a judgement call that I wouldn't want to be the one who has to do it. Someone could send a bad print, then claim (perhaps legitimately, perhaps not) that they are a novice and don't know any better. If you set up a grading system of novice to expert, how do you decide when someone is no longer a novice, versus a lazy slacker, versus just an incompetent printer?
I'd rather leave the issue of print quality unregulated. No one wants to send out bad work, but not everyone recognizes good work, and that's a big part of the attraction of these exchanges--everyone gets to see what other people are really doing, and it raises the bar without having to add any new rules or official judging procedure. I've certainly seen this happen with the Traveling Portfolio. Sometimes it slows the portfolio down, because people decide that their planned contribution doesn't measure up, but if it sends them back to the darkroom for another week or two to make a better print than they've made before, then it's worth it, I think.