I shoot 35 mm because....

- the cameras are small but sophisticated (compared to digital SLR's especially)
- I like the feel of these cameras (my favourites: Contax RTS III, Pentax LX)
- I concentrate much more because I WANT every picture to be great from the start
- I don't have the possibility to check a back screen, therefore I am under no pressure to do anything silly like that

- I like to make myself independent of foreign algorithms, having full (manual) control
- I have a record that I can use in whatever way I want (especially slides - make prints, project, scan for emails etc)

- I don't have to spend any time at all in front of the computer for results (I work as an IT consultant and administrator, boy, do I want a break in the evening/weekend!!)

- it is something special now - everybody has a digital camera, taking the same kind of pictures. My film cameras allow me to produce images that are distinctively different from digital pictures (this does NOT mean simply better quality, it has more to do with feeling and impression)

- I have used 35 mm all my life (over 30 years now), and just now I feel that I start understanding a bit more of what I am doing - I'd rather be a master of analogue than an apprentice amongst thousands of digital apprentices

- I am not a pro, therefore I have the time to develop films and make prints - in fact, I want to spend more quality time with my hobby than just puttting more frames into an hour (typical quote from new digiusers: I have taken already 2000 pictures since last week!!)

Just some of my reasons, there are probably more but I am going for a walk now with the Contax....