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I'd rather leave the issue of print quality unregulated. No one wants to send out bad work, but not everyone recognizes good work, and that's a big part of the attraction of these exchanges--everyone gets to see what other people are really doing, and it raises the bar without having to add any new rules or official judging procedure. I've certainly seen this happen with the Traveling Portfolio. Sometimes it slows the portfolio down, because people decide that their planned contribution doesn't measure up, but if it sends them back to the darkroom for another week or two to make a better print than they've made before, then it's worth it, I think.
I agree- I don't think it is something you can successfully regulate, because A: some folks just aren't up skillwise yet
B: what one person considers sub-par, 99 others might well say is excellent
C: the ne'er-do-wells who intentionally contribute poor prints (when we know they are capable of much better) will always find an excuse or claim ignorance.

You'd have far too many peoples' toes stepped on with some kind of quality regulation and prevent those lower on the learning curve from accessing the exchange. I just think it would be unfair for someone with 20 + years of darkroom experience and a gallery exhibition resume (for example) to get away with sending out poorly exposed, sloppily processed prints that needed spotting, regardless of the intended recipient. I just wouldn't want to have to be the policeman to make that call.