There's been some really good responses to this question. I like them all, and agree with so many of them.

I'd like to take the time to mention something that most people probably don't think of. And I hope this doesn't make people think of me as a newage hippy freak.

In my opinion there is a very spiritual aspect to using film. You might of Digital cameras as like going camping in a fully decked out RV. You've got all the essentials of home. You've got a generator, a shower, satellite TV, etc. It's great.

Then think of Film photography as if you are going CAMPING! A sleeping bag, a Tent, and whatever else you can fit into a backpack. Spending the night sleeping under the stars and cooking your food over an open fire.

Working with film is just so much more of a memorable experience. It sticks to your soul and makes you (in my opinion anyway) look at the world from a different angle than the crowd.

And, for the newage hippy freak aspect. why the HELL do we want yet ANOTHER source of EMF near our brains? Aren't we bombarded with enough EMF on a daily basis. There is some belief that man made EMF has all sorts of detrimental effects on the brain. It drains your creativity, your get up and go, hell, in large doses it causes cancer. With Film, you don't have that junk in the air interfering with the natural flows of your creative juices!

Alright, so call me a newage hippy freak, won't bother me