use both! there's no reason (except for a shortage of funds) no to. film is good, and digital is here to stay.

i've heard people say that digital is expensive. yeah it is, but so is using film. i develop my own b&W. to get a bottle of rodinal, i spend 10 bucks (if it is shipped add on 15!!! for shipping), plus the cost of the film and other chemicals. if i shoot color, i send out, and there's 10-20 bucks a roll, plus the cost of film.

i have a new Leica d lux 2 that outperforms my D70 - maybe because it's easier to take that with me than a DSLR. When it comes down to making a beautiful image, both ways CAN get you there, but it's really up to you to get the result.

so, if you can, use both. borrow some equipment. see which you like better. it's fun either way.