-I like my fully manual cameras which allow me have the film do what I want it to do.
-I've never used a 'Pro' dSLR, but the lack of instant response from the shutter in my Sony Digicam drives me to distraction.
-I spend my days in front of a computer screen, I don't want to do it for fun.
-Developing B&W in my basement is much less environmentally damaging than would be printing digi pics with a printer.
-35mm is fast, be it with a RF or SLR.
-The dynamic range of a good film & dev combo is stunning.
-I can do low-light shots with pushed D-400 or D-3200 that cannot be done in digital w/o a flash.
-I use a 40 yr old Soviet RF and a 30 yr old Japanese fixed lens RF and a 20 year old Japanese SLR. They give me stunning results...It's the film and developer which get better with time; no need to change the hardware, 'cause film cameras don't become technologically obsolete.

But all in all, 'cause 35mm is fun and it's what floats my boat; and a man cannot ask for more than that.