Lots of reasons

At high ISO's I find grain pleasing, digital noise annoying and ugly.
The tactile experience, I like handling negatives. Can't do that with a jpeg.
Shooting 35mm film is much more intuitive (for myself at least). I take better photos. With digital I suffered from system overload, too much information for this gal. It gave me a headache.
I have all my negatives and slides stored safely away. Last time I checked they were all still there. Plus I have cases of my Father's slides documenting our family for the last 50 years. I have CD's of digital images taken three years ago that are now blank.
Digital technology is advancing too fast for me to keep up. The digital slr I bought 2 or 3 years ago (and sold last year for half of what I paid) was upgraded within months of my purchase, and once again since then. Good for the camera companies, bad for me. Film on the other hand is already outdated technology (according to some :rolleyes: ) however as long as it's still available it's a non-issue. At least I can keep up with it!
Film shooters are more fun to hang out with.