I am the same. Funny you should have spelled my name that way. My mother was born in Poland. There are lots of Gainers in West Virginia. Every reasonably large city I have visited had some in its phone book.

I got the nickname when I went to work at NACA, now NASA. In those days, the reproduction was done by Ozalid, a photo process developed in ammonia fumes. Some of my coworkers had spent a lot of unpaid overtime reproducing long rolls of flight records from 70 mm film oscillograms to ozalid. They got to the office next morning and found that the ozalid developing machine had not worked. I could see faint yellow traces on the paper, and I knew about the ammonia developer. I found some household ammonia in a janitors closet, put an open container in my large desk drawer with a loosely rolled spool of undeveloped paper, and after a while the traces popped right up. They were happy. Soon, every large desk drawer in the office was an ozalid developer, everyone's sinuses were cleared for days, and I got my nickname.