Hi all,

I've sort of lurked here a few times in the last few months, but until now have largely been too preoccupied with other things to contribute. I seem to be starting to post more, though, so I figure an introduction is in order.

My name is David Munson and I'm 22, having just finished my degree in November. I finished my BSVC in commercial photography at Ohio University and am now working on moving on to the next big thing. Unfortunately, in the middle I need to find a job and get financially squared away, and with the job market being as it is at the moment, that's not going too well. No matter, though. The idea is to go to Japan for a while once I can afford to do so, hopefully getting my masters in media arts studies at Tokyo Polytechnic while I'm there. And until then I've got plenty to do with research projects, writing manifestos, making new images and what have you.

I've been seriously involved in photography since I was 13 or 14, started shooting MF at 15, LF at 16. At this point I seem to have abandoned 35mm altogether and am concentrating entirely on formats 645 and larger (up through 8x10). Some of you may know me from the Large Format forum.

I love traditional photography and see great value in it, but I don't pretend to only be interested in just that. I do a lot with digital photography as well and am also now expanding into media theory, which has me studying everything from cogntive psych to graphic design to Taoist philosophy to just about anything else you care to imagine. It would seem I'm not content with photography alone. And I consider that a wonderful thing.

So that's me...sort of. Here's to good discussion.