I was washing dishes this Sunday morning, trying to convince myself that I really needed to be doing housework rather than be out photographing. Then sirens - loud - stopping nearby. I ran to a window and saw fire trucks, fire rescue and police cars just outside.

It's cold today (for Florida) in the mid-30s F, and bums had broken into an old beach house that's scheduled to be torn down. They had started a fire to keep warm.

I grabbed the Speed Graphic, put on the flash (I've adapted an electronic flash) set 100 f/8 and ran outside. Just like Weegee. I was a photojournalist again.

I spent a half hour wandering among the firefighters, the police arresting a bum, the hoses and the water. No official said a word - it must have been the Speed Graphic.

Now, will the prints be any good? We'll see.