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Ok, so this thread has languished long enough. I say we just pick a date and go, otherwise it'll be 90 degrees + before we know it. I know my next 2 weekends are open, though next week might be a bit quick for enough people to juggle. How about we plan into the "mountains" either Sat 15th or Sun 16th? I don't much care where we go, what we shoot, I just want to get out of my routine and expose some film. Wish I didn't always have to schedule for reasonable chunks of time - oh well. Who's game?
I'll be game for that. What would you say to me bringing the camper out to, say, the Waters Creek area? Theres several good waterfalls and other cascades out there. Unless you can think of a better place to go shoot.
It'd be fun to get a bunch of us together for a camping overnighter in some good place, think you could do that?