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For those that regularly take ULF phtographs (11x14, 12x20 etc.), what is your preferred method for processing these monster negs? Why this method versus others you have tried? For contact printing, which type of frame do you use? Thank you in advance.

I have been developing all of my ULF film in print drums on Beseler and Unicolor motor bases for many years. I have several drums and motor bases (this equipment is dirt cheap on ebay these days) and can actually set up to develop up to four 7X17 sheets or two 12X20 sheeets at a time.

However, I am now considering switching from rotary processing to a form of miminal or extreme minimal agitation with the goal to maximize apparent sharpness. There has been quite a discussion on this subject recently on the AZO formum and the appraoch appears very promising.

As for printing, I strongly recommend the use of a vacuum easel for prints over 8X10" in size. Results with contact printing frames are iffy because it is vey hard to ensure good contact over a large area from just two pressure points.