Thanks for all the quick replies to this. I'm not nearly so pissed about this right now as I was last night, thankfully. Just something that periodically gets to me. I'm sure that my feelings will change now that I'm officially done with school and am no longer in a forced, captive environment with many of the individuals who have helped give rise to this sentiment. But it's not something that'll ever leave me, I don't think. Just a product of my personality.

Ed I think you hit it square on the head in your use of the term "phonies." It was exactly the word I was looking for last night but that wasn't coming to me for whatever reason. I love art, and it's the phonies and their perversions of what I love that really pisses me off. But then I'm sure (positive, really) that I anger enough people in my own way.

And, you know, something tells me I need to stop posting on the forums I follow so late at night....I think I'm building a reputation as a bit of an angry radical :lol: