about the superiority of the format... there are thousends ways to classify prints. one of the ways in my opinion is... prints that tend towards contact prints and prints that tend to look like enlarged ones. i dont say which one is better of course cause i dont have the answer for that. i can say that my preferance goes to the enlarged ones. as view camera i use 69 format, not only because of the roll film etc (i love to treat the negatives superetly) but because of the magnification ratios. the 45 looses the apearance on 20/24" enlargement as enlarged one. im not talking here about the "impact", but about the relationship of one to the negative and its textures. for me it is very important that the texture of my negative will be viewable.
for me, the texture of the negative is like the brush strocks of Gogen or the hand motion of vangouh - this is my concept towards the negative, i look at it as something of its own and very important in creating a photo, and not only as a medium between the reality and the paper.