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Several months ago I came across a situation where I started shooting 8x20 negatives. The one thing I didn't figure was I would have to digitize the negatives. 2 months ago a gallery wanted me to send them my work on CD so they can review what I have been doing. The problem was all my new work is either 8x10 or 8x20. After asking on the different forums about what i can do, I tried them all. they were either not of good enough quality or too expensive for me.
I now have come up with a system which works for me and is excellent quality.
I have purchased a new Microtek Scanmaker 1000XL Pro. This scanner has a bed size of 12"x16" for negatives and 12"x17" for paper (still not big enough for my 8x20's but wait). It also has a Dmax of 4.0, better than most expensive scanners out there. It also comes with masks for 35mm to 4x5 and anything over that goes directly on the glass.
The scanner comes with lots of programs, the one I like is adobe Photoshop Elements 3. It has a section called Photomerge Panoramic. place you two halves of the scanned negative in the program and if the program doesn't match them automatically then you can do it by hand and walla you have a single 8x20 scanned negative.
I will start posting images from this as soon as I catch up with CD's I have to do first.
I just thought I would share what I found and what is working for me.
michael andersen