About Agfa's pdf files:
They have the file mentioned above about films. There is also one about developers. Which of course refers to the films too. After the Agfapan 400 was changed, I downloaded the latest pdf's including C-SW16-E16.pdf (film chemistry) and found that there were direct contradictions between that and the file that Ed refers to above (F-PF-E4_en.pdf). There were some obvious very bad typos too (typical of a document being updated).

Anyway, C-SW16-E16.pdf has disappeared from Agfa's web site and been replaced with the previous edition C-SW-E15.pdf, presumably while they do some corrections to -E16.pdf. This might take a couple more months, at the current rate of progress.

I can email edition 16 if you are interested.

The good news (if the pdf is correct) is that the speed has improved a bit:
Rodinal 1+25 EI=400
Rodinal 1+50 EI=500

The time of 30min for Rodinal 1+50 is, as usual for Agfa, for contrast=0.65.

For most of us, 0.55 is closer to normal contrast, and times for Rodinal 1+50 for that is more like 15min (because the gamma/time graph is of very low gradient)

New Agfapan400 started with the following batch numbers:
35mm em.no. 450
120 roll em.no. 260