it's a little bit of a long story. ultimately, the goal is to produce a limited series of about 100 etchings from this piece of original artwork. the lithographer specifically asked for film (actually a "mirror" positive on film). he claimed that the density on digital output is not adequate for his purposes. i did a little investigation (although probably not enough) into digital output and it seemed that the only type of output available was a "duraclear" transparency which is geared more towards display graphics and is only capable of 200dpi. i don't actually know if any or all of this is really true, but it is what i have been told by the few places which i called including some big labs like duggal. if someone could make a digital transparency onto 11x14 film or a "duraclear" at a higher resolution i would be very happy because, so far, i cannot find anyone who is capable of producing this conventionally. at the moment, the backup plan, which is to use 8x10 and sacrifice 1:1 reproduction, is looking like the most likely solution. alas... what has become of 11x14!