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There was an interesting article about Carlos Clarke in one of the Sunday papers. He was apparently very depressed about not getting any work as he was considered unfashionable and old (50's!). His lowest point was when an editor asked if Clarke's name could be removed from the photo credits.

Eventually he started working under a pseudonym and received a couple of assignments.

A sad endictment on our society and in particular the fashion industry.
Several years ago, and for three years, I did quite a few presentations with Bob. They started when everyone wanted to know him but during the three years styles and fashion editors wants changed and work started to dry up. I enjoyed the times we had together very much and also learned quite a lot of interesting stuff from Bob. The last time I saw Bob was at the launch of his last book and we were all hopeful that this was the new beginning, sadly it wasn't. We have lost an excellent photographer and interesting man and we should all have some thoughts for those he left behind.