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Oh well, that is a no go. I only use Mac for image stuff.

PCs are good for typing, though. I use my IBM ThinkPad for most writing projects.

Last night was the first time I used the unit and it came with silverfast AI for the 1000XL. after scanning the 2 halves and saving them as RT and LF. I bring up the Adobe Elements 3.0 photomerge, pick the two files and away it goes and everything is perfect. I try to set up the first scan using the silverfast options and then leave them, so when I do the second scan they match perfect. I scan at 300 dpi. and mulitscan to pick up the line garbage and use 48 bit color. I have used windows for years so to change now or use another computer is a little much for me to do right now.

I do have one question.
I have some 8x20's developed in pyrocat and are over developed I say about 2 stops. Azo exposures are 1.5 mins. When I scan I can't seem to bring the image down. it is always very light after prescanning. Is there a way to change the setting to compensate for the density?