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I thought I would not only show off my new plate camera but also decided to create a new forum for these types of cameras as well. I eyed this camera on ebay for a week and was up till midnight waiting to pounce on the final bid (thanks to Jeremy for the tip off!). It is a Thornton Pickard Imperial Triple Extension Half Plate. I did not think I would get it so was ready for dissapointment but won out in the last 3 seconds. I am not a huge collector of cameras but do have a few on proud display around the house. This was a double win for me since the camera is a 100yr old pristine and beautiful collectible but it's also 100% usable and ready for work. I plan to do mostly half plate ambrotype portraits with this cam, and use my 8x10 for typical field work. The cam is being shipped to the US and I'll pick it up there before I head to the conference.
Do you have a tripod for the camera. The Thornton Pickhard has a round hole that fits over a tripod mount. If you don't have a tripod for it you will have to rig up some type of adaptor to allow you to use it with modern tripod heads.

I have one of these cameras and the tripod problem, plus the fact that I don't have any holders, has relegated it to a display piece. But it is certainly a very elegant design, and very light considering the big bellows draw.