in my view there are two camps of picture making process. one is to capture the moment that tells us visual story, and the other is to create a story.
u can do both on the pentax mx with 50mm lense. the most important, the prime etc developments of mine were made on this camera. those images of past are still an inspiration to me. i see there the naive teen, and he makes me to think a lot. but then i had some money so why not to go on the ziess lenses. belive me - the quality speacks for itself. when u plus it to that teen who used pentax it looks much better. then i understoond that point of picture taking - to capture or to create. it was evident to me. the rf gave me that freedom to see. i see through it as i see with the naked eye. when i print it it looks like that. the viewcamera... how can u compare creating vissual story with camera with movements with the camera without even if it is with zeiss glasses.
take a leica for one year with two sumicrons 35 and 50, and very soon u will get how different this lenses are - they let u react in other way, and u study to use them. i rarely change lenses during photographing, i choose them cause i feel some way or another. i see on the print what i feel.
about c.h.bresson... he is one of the kings of photo for me... but u know, we have to study, always love and repect him, and go on for new images.

sorry, but if u want to go to the higest levels u can u have to realize that there are good reasons why to use thios or that. u know, sprinter cannot be a very good long distance runner and diffender in soccer cannot really be a striker. i think u take a bit wrong the use of different equipment, but it is very romantic.