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I think that is what I said. Are you agreeing with what I originally stated...or are you saying there is another factor that I failed to identify to your ability to understand? Or are you saying there is another factor entirely? If so please identify what that is and how it differs from my original post.
Well, maybe I mis-read your original post a little. I think we're essentially going after the same thing, though. I was mainly trying to get at that both sides of the equation are equally important.


I quite agree about having to shoot with one camera, one lens, one film for one year. Honestly, I've never done this in any official way, but it's always how things have worked out. Back when I was still shooting 35mm, I had two Nikon bodies and six really nice primes. But what happened? I shot at least 95% of my stuff with the F4 body and a 50mm lens and Tri-X rated at 200. The other 5 lenses just acted as ballast in the bag. At this point I don't shoot 35 any more, but the preference for sticking to one lens and one film is still there. Working that way has, I think, taught me a hell of a lot more about photography and my vision than you could get if constantly switching lenses, films, camera bodies, etc.