jim.. ok
i thought u presented a person of that kind that buys a collection of ferraris mclarens and aten martins and thinks that by putting it in his garage he will be schumacher.
well, im not rich enough to buy cameras and lenses for fun or just to try if it works and if not than put it on the shelf. most of my prints i dont even sell cause i dont want. many of them are personal to me and many of them are too personal for people i photograph (i thank those people that let me permission to exhebit it). im not really in comercial as well. fully art and joy, that why i use mechanical cameras and i breath al those bromophens fixers and seleniums.
i have love affairs with my equipment and materials cause together we create. those things are not an items with logos and names.
the agfa apx speaks in its languge to my eyes, the ilford plus in its own. rodinal has its voice, and the id11 and the pyro its own voices. we are emotional people. i associate my emotions with apx or ilford etc. same i can say with the lenses.
what i photograph depends on the objects and space there, but how i do it depends on my emotional or rational relation to it. there (in how i do it) comes the body (rf or view camera) lense combination, film and paper etc.