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Its also illegal so make sure you have someone to bail you out of jail. And uh..dont call me.


thank you wayne!

where i live ( in rhode island ) if there is more than 3parts/million silver (they can't test below that ) you can get in a lot of trouble dumping down the drain. in providence, if you pour 5parts/million you are eligible for a fine up to $10,000 / day you do it - commercial/hobbiest alike.
a lot of schools and universities dump photochemistry (or used to) down the drain because they "don't know any better" or they don't feel they generate enough waste for it to matter, or they feel they are exempt because they are not a commercial enterprise.

yes, it is true that spent fixer is made into a fertalizer, but they have to treat it first. places like itronics convert fixer into fertalizer.

jason, you might contact itronics to see if they have a photo-place in your area they pick up from. i had tried to have them take my fixer, but it wasn't cost effictive to ship it to nevade from rhode island. instead i have a waste hauler give me a 30 gallon drum and he picks it up about one time ever year/year and 1/2. i get a nice dinner+bottle of wine our of it when the check for my silver comes in the mail, and i don't have any "photographer's guilt" to justify ...
just the same, it is probably easier to take it to your local household waste drop off than deal with the red tape i have to deal with.

good luck!