I hve been home watching the kids today and editied my last post probably before you posted. So that may seem confusing.

I hope you don't think I am one of the Porsche, Ferrari, Mercedes garage storing types with camera gear. I am so cheap that I build my own LF cameras. That way I can afford film and paper and chemistry. But I know of some poeple like that. They would rather talk about the equipment they just bought then show any work that they have done.

I like your characterization of materials. They all seem to take on special personal qualities for me to. And it is true that sometimes we can become smitten with somethng new and exotic, that entices us away from what has become common place. I guess sometimes you devlop a harem, sometimes you just leave the old girl behind and sometimes you return to your original love, wiser and more appreciative. (these comments in no way relate to my personal life!).