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20% is unacceptable and those responsible need to find a very good excuse for their inaction. No doubt some do indeed have one. Quite possibly, some do not even realise they are on the list and thought their prints were received months ago. PMs and emails go astray; people change their email addresses and forget to notify everyone involved; people may not wish to tell of private tragedy or life event, etc, etc, etc... The human capacity for misunderstanding and lost communication is practically endless. Calling people names is not a recipe for resolution of an issue: it simply hardens attitudes and will frighten those with a valid reason in to silence for fear of public hostility.

So, my view would be to stop calling people names, ban offenders (I'd say at the 1st offence rather than the 2nd) until the outstanding commitment has been honoured or otherwise dealt with to the contentment of all involved. If people do not meet their commitments, I have no interest in knowing their names; a deeply unpleasant concept akin to public flogging and humiliation that belongs in a different age.
Hmmm... I see the mountain out of a molehill thing here.

Let me explain again. Several PMs, SEVERAL PMs, have been sent to the individuals in question. Let's be clear here: THEY KNOW WHO THEY ARE.

As for the ones with a valid reason, I know them. One in particular I am very concerned about. But of the 14 - that's only 2.

Stop calling them names. OK, my bad. If you all want to vilify ME for trying to get someone who hasn't honoured THEIR commitment for 3, 6, 9, 12 months, to honour THEIR commitment, so be it. Whatever.

Anyway, I've had enough of chasing people down for others. As you all want, I'll do my best to get fulfillment in private (that's what I've been doing for the past 12 months). After 3 PMs I will give up and have to say to the jilted particpants "Tough luck."

Sorry to bring the issue in public.

Regards, Art.