Hey Bob,

nice story...

My kids were recently sick with a lung infection. After a particularly nasty sneeze in the doctor's office, my wife was about to clean up when the doctor yelled, "I want that!". Well, to each his own.

I am working on a plan for a much simpler front mount Packard Shutter arrangement. I think I can make it work with 1 board, some black nylon cloth and a surplus laser mount. Should fit any big barreled lens.

In the process, I found the cheapest and laziest front mount Packard system. I was preparing to sell my Series II Velostigmat and an unrelated Packard. I thought, this is about the right size for the lens. Turns out it is a great press-fit. Yep, the Packard just slips on the front with enough friction to hold it in place.

Those of us without talent have to depend on luck.