Wow. Someone is a little steamed, aren't they. I guess what most of us here are saying in our own way is, we have heard the same stuff from various people (teachers, critics, others) regarding the meaning of art, and the secret hidden meanings / motivations etc etc etc ad nauseum. Art, whatever the heck it is, is not in any danger. Today's guru is tomorrow's laughable has-been, the hacks come and go. Art (whatver it is) changes (a bit), and stays the same (a bit). To borrow from the tone of the note that kicked this thread off, opinions are like assholes.... Everybody has one. So, let the students, wannabes and hacks have their moment. They will be replaced by someone else soon enough. Meanwhile do what pleases you, and to hell with the rest. While they are jabbering and wasting daylight, you wil be DOING something.