Give Leonardo a crappy Walmart brush, and a card board box to paint on and I have no doubt he would have continued to paint. I am also sure these machines would have felt wrong. It is not the machine that is important, it is the image. But we have our preferences. We like this lens, and that camera but should we limit ourselves and our vision to those machines that "fit us"? Since we are waxing philiosophicaly here I would rewrite the words to mean if it does not fit or is "wrong" it is up to us to make it fit to create and fulfill the need inside us to make an image.. Consistancy is the hobgoblin of little minds(emerson). There are many photogrpahers who shoot with only one lens.

There are many reasons for this but all say they are familiar with the way it feels, they are comfortable, or this is how I started. They have become a slave to that piece of glass, or that camera body. They no longer think abut what might be or what about this lens or how about this format.

Of course new is good and digital has it's place, maybe even in my bag someday, but this means we define new as the latest and most advanced when new means what you have never used. I looked at the image on my 5x7 2D GG for the first time last night and it is by no means new, nor is the lens I mounted. It was almost over whelming, but it sparked something. Not just the end of a four and a half year rebuild but it was like I wanted to see with it. I wanted to make it fit. The learning curve is a necessary thing and maybe the reason something just does not fit is our resistance to something different.

My 2 cents