Art is not dangerous those who take issue with it are.

I spent five years getting a creative writing degree and I had the same arguments as you did, just about the people who wanted to be "writers" so they could live the "writer" lifestyle. I then spent several years in the Archaeology department and encountered the same types, they just tended to smell worse. My brother makes distinctions between artists and "Arteests". ON the flip side of the coin are those with your attitude who waste their time fuming about the Arteests. I am now an educator (for the money and prestige of course) who can say with dead certainty that you are wasting your time. Because I was just like you. I have not written a story in almost ten years, and I cannot look at a piece of pueblo pottery without feeling instantly exhausted. You will burn yourself out. Relax and shoot film. and avoid the speaking part of student art exhibitions.

I was told by a sculptor once that anyone who really wants to learn art should not go to art school but should become an apprentice to learn their chosen craft. sound advice.

Take classes that will get you a job if you want to go to school. find a teacher, a guide, or a master if you want to learn art.