hi mark,
ive seen your photos, they look very good.
tell about your works, u can dio it as a comment in one of my posted pics if u want, i dont mind, or just post it.
any way.. u say : relax and shoot the film.
and we talk here about the art and the artist or somebody somehow calls himself artist etc.
u want to tell me that u just put the film and shoot. cause my impression is that in your imagies there is a lot of knowledge in composition, exposure, printing etc etc. i dont know if there are some "higher meaning" (it is not necessary to have high meanings, this is not the only way to make arts). i was talking in my posts here that there are many people that very eassely come and call themselves artists without having an accaptable technique and an acaptable knowledge in art. im talking about ppl that think that they can paint without technique and telling that it is ok cause egon schiele was not painting and drawing realistically like rembrandt.
yes i agree with u, that schools are not the best place, but it only makes it more difficult to study.
i am amazed sometimes when i get to the art department. i see students enlarge their 35mm negatives that were taken with wide-tele-zooms to 20/24", and many of them dont even get that it looks bad. most of them are not even focused well enough to withstand 8/10". i dont elarge my negatives more than x15 usually, with far better glasses and much better technique, pushing their qualities towards their best. i think u understand what i say. u cant just do art, not in terms of techique and not in terms of what is there behind your photos. one must study and work, and then, making "artistic statements" and gallery quality will come as intuition in the process of making and creating.