Just thought I'd post an update - the lens arrived today. Purolator just left it sitting on my front step - oops. Not their fault, we've left a sign telling Purolator to just leave packages when nobody is home - I was home, but I was in the darkoom.

Good thing I live in an honest neighborhood :-)

So, chalk up another good review of MPEX. The lens is not only like new, it's brand new. Original box, wrapping, manual, etc. There's not a mark on the lens.

The one interesting thing is the Copal shutter - on my other lenses with Copal shutters, the aperature adjustment is on the top of the lens, with the bottom housing the pointer - on this lens, the adjustment knob is on the bottom with a pointer, and there's a another pointer on top of the lens. When I was playing around with the lens, I kept reaching for the top of lens to drop it down, instead of the botton. Erk!

It also appears that they've went with the same knobs on both shutter and aperature adjustment. That's probably why they moved the aperature adjustment to the bottom, since there wouldn't have been enough space to house them on the same side of the lens.

I'll get used to it.

Waa-hoo! Time to head for the hills!