Thank you victor but I have yet to post to this forum. I do not have regular access to a scanner.

Of course I compose. What I mean is go take pictures instead of worrying about what others are doing or saying. Their little fantacies about who they are and how good their own stuff is, is mental masterbation: fun for them but no one really wants to watch.

There are those who think that you should just shoot to get past the block. Like those writing mindless strings of words to get past writer's block. for 35mm and MF this works pretty good for me LF is too expensive per sheet. In fact I will be taking my own advice this weekend and burning some film through my cameras.

Composition is part of the seeing for me, as it is for many. I have an idea of what something will look like then I try to get the picture there. Sometimes I get it sometimes I don't but at least I feel better about life. Things are super stressful here (Graduate degree work, teaching a hundred something kids a day, a wife and child I want to spend time with more than the rest) so I am feeling a lot like Mr. Fugazzi, pissed at everything and needing a break so I will burn film, get it processed and see what I get. Focusing on the beauty around me should clear my head. Just like it does for most people. We would not shoot if it was not the case.

Shoot film and have a good day(okay cheesy but I am trying to be more positive.