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Hi Sandy:

Is there any update on your testing of this unit? I am very interested in getting one. I have a new 12x20 camera and I need a vacuum frame and lightsource and this seems like the perfect unit. I have checked eBay for Nuarcs 26-1Ks and individual components but finding ones in good shape that the seller will ship has not been possible. It also seems that none on my side of the country ever show up for me to pick up locally. So, I'll look into buying a new one and this seems to be a perfect fit.

Please let me know how far you are from making your final assessment. Do you see any reason why I can't order one within the next month, after I pay uncle sam?


Hi Reggie,

Although it will be some time before I finish my review of the unit and get it in print I have already reached the opinion that the ULF-28 is the best printing unit I have ever used, and I have used both bank of BL and BLB tubes and a NuArc 26-1k with a metal halide bulb. Compared to the NuArc, the ULF-28 prints faster in every process I have tested to date (carbon, kallitype, Pt./Pd. VDB and cyanotype) , gives more even illumination over the entire area of the vacuum frame, re-strikes faster and reaches full output almost immediately, and has the advantage of a computer-type interface that allows numerous pre-sets.

I am recommending it very highly, and will of course provide very detailed analysis in my review.

Not sure when it will be for sale. I would suggest that you get in touch with Robert Lesko at AmerGraph to check on date of availability.