I'd like to know other photographers' opinion on this because it's really bothering me and I can't let it go without some recourse:

I did a very unique photograph last year on April 22. I had posted it on APUG shortly thereafter, so there is definite proof that I had done it that long ago. A photographer who I know through my girlfriend took that concept and rephotographed it himself recently thus stealing my concept. The concept was a photo of a woman in a bath tub pointing a gun at the camera. I came up with the concept years ago when I moved into my house and realized I had a nice bathroom to take photos in. When I met my girlfriend last year, it was the first photo she modeled for me. She had modeled for him at one point a few months before we met and she definitely sent him a copy of our photo after we did it. He was well aware of this photo because we are both members of modelmayhem.com and I have had that photo posted on there since July 30, 2005 (there is proof on the site). Recently, I looked at his Model Mayhem page only to find that he had a very very similar photo taken recently (posted March 27, 2006). Obviously, I was rather upset, but I have not said anything to him yet. I wanted to consult with my trusted colleagues on APUG first before I proceed.

I am not naive, I know this happens often. What bothers me is that he knows me and the model in the photo and it was an obvious plagiarism. I want to at least make him aware of my outrage and inform him that he has betrayed my trust. What would you do?

In all modesty, my photo came out much better and (here's the icing on the cake) his is shot in digital. Lazy crook.