Voted Yes.

I voted "yes" because by signing up for a print exchange, you are committing at least three other people to shoot an image, develop the film, print that image, possibly mat and mount a print, package it and mail it to you. All of that activity costs more than a subscription to APUG. If a person can commit to a print exchange but can't afford the subscription, perhaps they should forego the exchange and subscribe instead? Just a thought.

Having an online organization like this isn't an entitlement
That's right folks, the internet may be ubiquitous, but it isnt free.

If the Group Exchange were subscriber based, the Blind Exchange can be open to all as a teaser/training ground to particpating in the Group Exchange and becoming a subscriber.
Good suggestion - exchanging one print at a time can be introduce newcomers to the process and if they want to increase their interaction with other members the can subscribe and take part in the Group Exchange.