Yeah, all my lenses are different as well. But, if you look at Badger Graphics web site, the photo they show of a Fujinon 400mm shows the same shutter as the one I have, and they're selling new lenses. In fact, I looked at a bunch of the Fuji lenses, and they *all* seems to use the same shutter. So perhaps the shutter isn't old after all. A new version of the shutter, or perhaps one made just for Fuji? (unlikely, I admit).

Nikon, Rodenstock, and Schneider seem to use the 'other' type of Copal shutter, with a triangular knob on 'top' of the shutter.

Very strange. Ah well, no matter. The lens is practically brand new, so I'm going to assume that it's mounted in a Copal 1.1 shutters :-)

(The picture I posted earlier is exactly what I have, BTW)