Being the only person who is not a subscriber replying to this thread, I feel a bit intimidated (should I feel this way?)

I am a not subscribed. I am also a first time participant in the Blind Print Exchange and I have mailed my prints before the deadline.

Being someone who was unsure of whether a non subscriber could even participate in the exchange I was very glad to have the opportunity to join in.

I would not have subscribed to join in on the print exchange.

I voted no on this poll, it doesn't seem needed in order to make an effective exchange. I am not subscribed, I sent my work, I am at least one example that someone in my position can have the ability to send prints.

As to the remarks of subscribers only exchanges helping Sean (mentioned at least 3 times in this thread), I ask: is this thread meant to find a way to help Sean financially or to find a way to make Print Exchanges something anyone would be glad to participate in without fear of not getting a print ? In my opinion these are two different goals that can be accomplished via different methods......