[QUOTE=Christopher Colley]Being the only person who is not a subscriber replying to this thread, I feel a bit intimidated (should I feel this way?)

I personally would like to thank you for this response, and the perspective it adds to the discussion. IMHO it is a well stated opinion, and you should feel welcome to contribute this way at any time, whether or not your opinion is agreed to by the majority of others.

It didn't convince me to change my "vote", but it certainly made me think again about how best to maximize the benefit to this site, through encouraging participation of everyone, whether guest, member, or subscriber.

Did you note the earlier posts, which suggested that members be entitled to participate in certain exchanges (such as the blind print Exchange which you have participated in) but not others, as a means of encouraging subscription, without discouraging participation by those who for one reason or another are either unwilling or unable to subscribe? Is that a compromise that makes sense from your perspective?