I've had mixed reactions to MWP. Lately they have been better. My first Durst enlarger I bought from them and it was damaged in transit. The MWP secretaries keep informing me that I would get a full fefund and keep the enlarger as it wasnt worth it to ship back. This went on for a couple of months until no money was refunded and then they dropped the bombshell... they didn't insure it. and I would have to pack it up and ship it back to them if I expected to get any funds returned....a major pain in the ass as this is one huge enlarger. Well to make a very long story short after a few more weeks of inquiry I finally ended up getting a healthy amount returned in the end but only with a healthy amount of voice thearapy if you know what I mean. They basically came off as liars and unreputable. This was my first transaction with them. A couple of years later I gave them a second chance and bought a Linhof 6x9 tan back supposedly in ex+ cond that was unfortunatly really old and beat looking on arrival and even had some kind of green tape on it to hold the peeling leather covering from falling off. On top of it, it was broken and unfixable as no parts were available anymore from Marflex. To their credit Jim saw fit to do me right and send a much better black 6x9 back but it was internally broken too. Fortunately parts were available for the later black back and I still use this today. My third transaction was a Linhof 6x9 finder that arrived defective too. But they/Marflex fixed it and I still use it on my Tech 5. My opinion is that no company has a spotless record and it is impossible to test everything. But if the company is able to expediantly rectify the problems then everyone benefits.