I will just add, I think it is important to (with the above suggestion, participation in some activities, subscription required with others) make members feel welcome here.

With Matts' reply of thanks I feel much more welcome in this discussion.

I do enjoy APUG quite a lot, but I think it would be quite unfortunate if the sensation I had (that my posting as a non subscriber would be frowned upon) were to begin to propogate.

In some way (after having experienced this in another community) while making more money through subscriptions keeps the site going and is a good thing a kind of segregation or class system can and has happened as a result of making many features subscriber only. I dont think anyone wants this as it can cause stagnation in terms of who is active and who is not in a discussion (nobody only wants to get the opinions of the select few who arent "afraid" to post on a thread due to their status as a member/guest/whathave you)