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With Matts' reply of thanks I feel much more welcome in this discussion.

I do enjoy APUG quite a lot, but I think it would be quite unfortunate if the sensation I had (that my posting as a non subscriber would be frowned upon) were to begin to propogate.

Before I subscribed I felt a bit of pressure to do so, but in a positive manner, and not directed toward me in particular. Out of several sites I had read, this one seemed to have a right mix of interesting and free material and gentle persuasion. One of the things I've always liked about APUG is that it doesn't try to blast "Why haven't you subscribed yet?" into members' faces. Maybe I don't notice the persuasion so much any more, or the focus has changed a bit - Christopher, you're in a better position to tell us how that is perceived now. But your comments do make a good case for making sure that a proper balance is maintained. Thanks!

I did vote 'yes', but there's no way to vote for strongly suggesting that the Blind Exchange be promoted and kept open, so I'll do it here.